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Product release for GE-Intelligent Platforms

Successful Phasor Data Concentrator

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isConsilium congratulates GE-Intelligent Platforms (in collaboration with GE-Digital Energy) on their successful development and release of the the Enervista Synchrophasor Viewer Software and Multilin P30 Phasor Data Concentrator hardware.  isConsilium provided a team of QA consultants to support the Quality Assurance efforts for these novel products.  isConsilium staff were closely involved in the day-to-day design and development activities, and in cooperation with the GE Intelligent Platforms QA lead, created test strategies and plans and carried out the tests and resolution activities.  isConsilium staff continue working with GE-Intelligent Platforms on other projects, providing quality assurance services as an extension of our successful initial relationship.
The Enervista Synchrophasor Viewer Software provides for visualizing synchrophasor, digital, and analog data collected from electrical substation Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs).  The application facilitates visualization of data by means of the following user-configurable graphics objects:

  • Phasor Display:  a combination of a polar plot containing up to 16 rotating hands, each of which indicates a given synchrophasor's magnitude along with either its absolute angle or its angle relative to another displayed synchrophasor; and, a table listing the angle and magnitudes values of each displayed synchrophasor, along with the moving average of each displayed synchrophasor's angle.

  • Trend Chart:  a line graph displaying time-synchronized phasor, digital, and/or analog measurements over a configurable time span.

  • Additional graphic objects which allow visualization of PMU status as well as Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) Historian operational statistics.

  • Historical Playback feature synchronizes all on screen objects to allow for the visualized replay of historical data.

The Multilin P30 Phasor Data Concentrator hardware unit collects, time-aligns, and stores real-time data from multiple Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs).  This stored information includes phasor, digital, analog, and status information which all becomes available to the Viewer software for display.