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Small Business Solutions

isConsilium offers support to small businesses looking to cost effectively expand their systems and applications to the cloud.

isConsilium Inc., a small business itself, is comprised of experienced project oriented consultants that provide a range of quality services to support client’s information needs.  Having recently implemented cloud-based systems for its own use, isC is now ready to help small business clients cost-effectively move forward to online, scalable systems without incurring the large IT costs normally associated with the transition.

Recent improvements in web-based systems which implement cloud technology (such as Google-apps and Quickbooks Online) now provide low cost alternatives to in-house server-based systems.  In-house systems require significant software/hardware and staffing costs.  By moving these to the cloud, these costs are greatly minimized.


Product release for GE-Intelligent Platforms

Successful Phasor Data Concentrator

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isConsilium congratulates GE-Intelligent Platforms (in collaboration with GE-Digital Energy) on their successful development and release of the the Enervista Synchrophasor Viewer Software and Multilin P30 Phasor Data Concentrator hardware.  isConsilium provided a team of QA consultants to support the Quality Assurance efforts for these novel products.  isConsilium staff were closely involved in the day-to-day design and development activities, and in cooperation with the GE Intelligent Platforms QA lead, created test strategies and plans and carried out the tests and resolution activities.  isConsilium staff continue working with GE-Intelligent Platforms on other projects, providing quality assurance services as an extension of our successful initial relationship. Read More...

OCFS Online Bidders List Goes Live

The Online Bidders List (OBL) is a New York State Office of Children and Family Services web application for managing the creation and dissemination of procurement information as well as prospective bidder preferences for what information they receive. It is a companion application to the award-winning Contract Management System (CMS) and features functionality for composing the procurement narrative and defining attributes such as key dates, eligibility criteria and funding information and includes a module for uploading and managing associated documents. Read More...