Making IT Useful

Wondering About a Wiki?

One of the challenges of implementing the Contract Management System (CMS) across multiple agencies is the management and documentation of agency-specific customization of the application. Consilium is committed to ensuring the integrity of a single CMS which means that all modifications must be configurable while being deployed to all agency installations. However, we also recognize that some development will be decentralized to individual agencies and accordingly, requirement and development documentation will be decentralized. So how do we maintain a single repository of documentation in a decentralized environment? Over the past few months, Consilium has begun organizing documentation within a website using MediaWiki software which is the very same software used by Wikipedia.
Browser-based documentation has the obvious advantage of being remotely accessible via inter or intranet. And there are even more advantages to using MediaWiki software, which is why it is gaining widespread usage in the development community. First and foremost, it is easy to use with a simple mark-up language and extensive online help. It features standardized formatting, revision history with rollback functionality, internal and external linking, an edit toolbar and preview function, graphic uploads which are particularly useful for screen shots, user privilege options and special pages, searches and queries. And it is open source software and can be readily deployed in a Linux, Windows or Mac operating system with an Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP web scripting configuration.

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