Making IT Useful

Small Business Solutions

isConsilium offers support to small businesses looking to cost effectively expand their systems and applications to the cloud.

isConsilium Inc., a small business itself, is comprised of experienced project oriented consultants that provide a range of quality services to support client’s information needs.  Having recently implemented cloud-based systems for its own use, isC is now ready to help small business clients cost-effectively move forward to online, scalable systems without incurring the large IT costs normally associated with the transition.

Recent improvements in web-based systems which implement cloud technology (such as Google-apps and Quickbooks Online) now provide low cost alternatives to in-house server-based systems.  In-house systems require significant software/hardware and staffing costs.  By moving these to the cloud, these costs are greatly minimized.

ISC can help small businesses on a shoe-string budget take advantage of the alternatively available online applications by:

  • Helping small businesses outline and evaluate their needs (isC develops requirements documentation via a variety of methodologies and coordinates joint application design sessions and individual interviews to determine requirements)

  • Itemizing available online alternatives to provide choices for the client, as well as providing recommendations based on isC experiences.

  • Facilitating the implementation of the cloud-based systems, as well as the transfer and verification of legacy data.

  • Developing and supporting the training materials for users of the new on-line services.

In short, isConsilium is ready to support all phases involved in the selection and implementation of cost-effective, cloud-based systems and applications for small businesses.