Making IT Useful

How to Effectively Market Your Business... Really?

We've been in business almost 15 years and to this day I don't think we've ever had a great marketing approach for branding our name or drawing new clients. Every project we've ever undertaken has been the result of good solid relationships. Relationships earned through hard work, trust and successful outcomes.

Over the past four to five years we've have been inundated with phone calls and emails from marketing companies that claim they can get us more leads... our name quickly recognized in the market, and place us in the lime light of social media. Of course, it all comes with a cost and there's never a guarantee that our investment in their strategies will help our bottom line... just theirs...

After all, for a small Upstate firm like us, what's the value in having 2000 "Likes" if they came from the West coast? What's the value tweeting all you can muster into 140 characters just to be beaten out by Justin Bieber?

But in today's market place these are the steps that need to be taken to demonstrate to your customers that you up to date and understand both the technology and the philosophy behind the social media buzz.

That being said... we understand the benefits of social media, but I'd rather shake a real hand then click one.