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ISC Performs Gap Analysis at NYSDOH for CMS

In the spring of 2008, Consilium conducted a series of gap analysis sessions at the New York State Department of Health (DOH) as an initial step in implementing the Contract Management System (CMS) at that agency. The objectives of the engagement were threefold. First, the analysis would identify CMS functionalities that would require modification or enhancement in order to conform to DOH business rules and requirements. Second, an assessment would be made of modifications needed to accommodate the DOH technical architecture, as well as both internal and external interfaces, such as the bulkload process with the New York State Central Accounting System via the DOH financial system. And finally, a data conversion plan would be developed.
Consilium used a two-pronged approach to meet the objectives. A Consilium data architect met with DOH database and developer staff over a period of weeks to develop a conversion strategy and identify legacy and financial management system interfaces with CMS. Meanwhile, a series of ten half-day sessions were conducted by Consilium analysts in which the individual CMS modules were presented to DOH contract users and stakeholders for discussion and determination of conformance with existing business processes. Results of the analyses were then categorized by the nature and scope of the effort required for modifications, new modules and interfaces and were also prioritized as either a prerequisite for implementation, necessary soon after production or as an optional future enhancement.